Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughtworks - A Different Company!

It might be an inappropriate entry for this blog - sharing an interview experience. But one that might help people the most [ :-) ] especially when it is about... Thoughtworks!

The company has a very interesting interview process, different than most i have come across, which speaks a lot of the company culture and the work that you might do there. I write this from the perspecive of an interviewee who participated in the interview process there, twice!

1. It all starts with an online application [Unless you are the lucky one whose CV has been sourced!]
2. Once shortlisted, you get a call from the HR who checks your comfort submitting code and explains the interview process.
3. You get two problem statements by mail, and have the choice of submitting solution for either of them - focus is on object oriented design [Mars Rovers Problem is 'Famous' By Now]
4. Next I had a Phone screen, in which i was presented with a problem again for which one has to design and implement a solution - again object oriented skills are the focus. During the course, you might be presented with a change in requirement and have to explain how easily your design can adapt to these changes.
5. When i was interviewed the first time, the next round was in-office and I had logical and reasoning ability tests - which are really a breeze.
6. The first time I did not want to proceed beyond this point due to some personal reasons... The second time around I wasn't selected [ :-) ], But what I know is that the subsequent interviews focus on how well you can code pair with other Thoughtworkers and a series of technical interviews on your primary technology skill.
7. The offer, I am sure once in you would never want to be out - working with the best technical minds....

What I love about this process, as a developer, is that unlike other interviews it tests and validates all your abilities in real-time [technology knowledge, problem solving, design skills, implementation skills and most of all that you can code - no matter whether you are an architect, tech lead or a senior developer]. The other important aspects that I like [and have read or heard] about the company is the flat hierarchy, entrepreneurial culture, agile process and that it values technology.

[Thoughtworks - 3/3]

[Update : 2012-2016]
Anyways, the final update as of 2012-2016 is that Thoughtworks no longer is my dream company - The other point to note here is that I did not get through even after 3 Interview Processes! :-) ;-)

On a Serious and Correct note, I thought about my career goals, my unfulfilled academic/professional goals and everything that I am as an individual - The Journey of Myself - The Ex-Yahoo, Ex-Symantec, Ex-Siebel (Oracle), Ex-Huawei, Ex-GXS (OpenText), Ex-Misys - AND - The name that I want to see on my resume is - Google!