Monday, June 23, 2014

The World of Meld Advertising

There are numerous benefits of having an unified advertising mechanism for the business of an organisation. Today, most of the advertising that is done across various media is disparate and not having a unified mechanism for generation, distribution, maintenance, reporting or collection. To bridge this gap, I conceptualized and coined the term Meld Advertising (Referred to as 'It'). Meld Advertising brings out all of these in the form of providing tools to automate most of these processes and to directly connect with all unique advertising channels. The tools help in creation, beta, subscription, payments, real-time reporting, cost effectiveness and overall maintenance of the advertisements.

It helps all types of users including the end contractors who work on actually putting up advertising for diverse media. These include all tools which facilitate the entire workflow of advertising. It also recognizes that usage of effective tools, which are simple to use and create advertisements online, will lead to a faster execution of marketing campaigns. Also, ready-made templates, tie up with other advertising tools and online expert help will allow for a more efficient generation of advertisements.

Meld Advertising also aims to takes online advertising to newer heights where the entire campaign and subscription pays for itself. TechArmy aims to make online advertising even on the best sites across the internet almost free of cost (by paying for itself) in a variety of ways. If advertiser and the advertising site both earn for the number of user clicks and then additionally for user intervention and then even for user feedback on certain aspects; they both end up earning equivalent of their investment for a highly successful campaign via the business model proposed by TechArmy.

Meld Advertising in its precise form is then a unified mode of advertising which could include online, voice based, text based, video, television, radio, cinemas, hoardings, flights, taxis, auto-rickshaws, print and even advertisements on digital display boards. Imagine the freedom and benefits you could get as the marketing executive of a company and the business benefits as an organization if a single tool could allow you to create your campaigns, choose these options and then allow the tool (and thereby us) to take care of all the background tasks. Unbounded!

It is the first in its class to provide a advertising platform that enables campaigns in varied forms under a single interface. The main aim is to simplify the tasks of creating, previewing, user testing, feedback and right up to going live on various media. It manages all background tasks related to actual advertising and at the same time provides performance metrics of a particular campaign. This is primarily for online as well as other modes where a direct measure of success is possible. It also features the most accurate metrics measuring mechanism, which differentiates between bots and users, but at the same time concentrates on the rendering performance of advertisements. The subscription mechanism works on a payback mechanism and as the user clicks and views increase, there is an opportunity to earn back on a advertisement. The advertising product also has a host of other features, such as innovation points, affiliate points, monthly points and referral points. Also, its usage would lead to an accumulation of loyalty points, which can be turned back into advertisement cash. Also, there are a lot of other tools such as charts, renewal, highlight, selective flash, email marketing, expert, forum exchange and also an archive of all advertising campaigns till date from that user.