Friday, May 23, 2014

The Idea of Mood Blogging

Mood Blogging is primarily location based blogging that captures and enhances the spirit of blogging and also provides location determination, service feedbacks, product reviews and product offers. It is primarily an internet concept that allows microblogging linked to the mood of that particular blog post and which also allows automatic detection of the current blog mood. It also allows blog to be posted on other sites as well as to blog from other sites. Apart from this, it allows automatic location determination on the logged in device and thereby allowing to temporarily subscribe to nearby blogs. This allows location based subscriptions for temporary usage and automatically un-subscribing based on preferences. When working in a location based mode would allow real-time feedback on services, products and also allow to obtain the latest offers and discounts. Most of all, it can be a place where people who have just joined a particular location set can look upto for live reviews and feedbacks.

It also involves automatic detection of  high traffic generating blogs and gets these pages to be sponsored and customized as per the primary data and blogger profile. It allows another striking user experience feature where it allows mood icons, images and graphics; thereby taking visual blogging to newer levels. Also, it provides an all inclusive user interface which allows video, audio, images, files, long blogs, links and a variety of other types of information to be blogged all at one place. Location determination allows blogs to be now more dynamic and also have location based advertising and also advertising applied to specific location check-ins.

On the mobile continues the spirit of mood blogging on mobile by allowing to determine location (or change subscriptions) when the device is in the vicinity of another subscriber or a set of similar subscribers. The location determination is dependent on registering with exact details including the zip code and also on the features of device itself.

The idea of mood blogging will be based on concepts of Intelligent Agents, Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Analysis and Auto Location Determination.