Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Future Topics, My Updates on this Blog

I am not sure how many of you are actually following my blog. I see very few subscribers, but a good number of visitors to my articles and the blog itself. In any case, things have been more or less silent on this blog for the last one year or so. This is attributed to the fact that I was concentrating on my Startup(s) - Vajrin Software, Bangalore (Survey Software Product) and Java Shiksha, Bangalore (Corporate/Non-Corporate Java Trainings). Also, I was extensively travelling during this time for Leisure and Tourism. I traveled to Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Indonesia/Bali. At the time of writing this Blog Entry, I have accepted an Full-Time Job Offer as a Senior Software Architect in a Medium Sized IT Services Company (USD 500Mn+) for their Very Large Travel Customer (USD 20Bn+). I will be deployed in Far South East Asia. 

This Blog will now have regular updates and entries from abut September 2018. I wanted to give a heads-up to all, the Topics on which I plan to Blog in the next one year. These Blog Entries will arise out of my Daily Office Work, My Professional Certification Preparation (Big Data and Hadoop Architect Master's) and Self-Learning of Various Core Java and Jakarta EE Topics.

  • Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Introduction to NoSQL and MongoDB
  • Introduction to SpringBoot (and Microservices)
  • Introduction to Docker (and Microservices)
  • Introduction to Apache Spark and Scala
  • Big Data and Hadoop Administration (Architect's Point of View)
  • MongoDB Administration (Architect's Point of View)
  • Introduction to Apache Storm
  • Introduction to Apache Kafka
  • Introduction to Apache Cassandra
  • Are Professional Certifications worth the Effort?
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Java
  • Appreciation of the Java EE 6.0 Release (New Features)
  • Appreciation of the Java EE 7.0 Release (New Features)
  • Appreciation of the Java EE 8.0 Release (New Features)
  • Java SE 9... What's New? (Code Samples)
  • Java SE 10... What's New?
  • Java SE and Java EE Roadmap and Versioning Strategy
  • Functional Programming with Java (Code Samples)
  • NoSQL, NewSQL and OldSQL - Needs and Motivations
  • Need and Elements of Java Microservices Architecture
  • Appreciation of Service Oriented Architecture [SOA] (Enterprise Java)
  • Reusable Software Components (Java/Jakarta EE)
  • Understanding/Detecting the OWASP Top 10
  • SQL and Database/RDBMS Optimization [For Enterprise Java Projects]
  • SKP's Hardware/Server Sizing Calculator for Enterprise Java
  • Innovative Software Product Design and Development - 02/10

I hope to add few more to the above list as time goes on. I hope that many of the articles are selected and re-published on DZone, Java Code Geek and Ulitzer, so that many more in the Java Development Community benefit from my knowledge. 

The first blog entry from the above list should be here by September 2018. Until then, Happy Times with Core Java and Jakarta EE!