Friday, August 29, 2008

Techila Shots!

Well, That's a Catchy Name... You'd be Thinking! This wasn't a Very Well Thought out Title or One that Required a Christening Ceremony. Had It in My Mind for a Few Years > Tried Implementing it as a Weekly Technical Talk Series in an Organization, As Well.

So, What is Techila Shots?
Techila Shots is a Measure of Techie Talk Delivered with a Dash of Passion and a Slice of Experience, that Gives a Kick to my Developer Psyche (What a Pitch?). It is a Forum that Presents my Thoughts on Technical Topics that I am most Enthusiastic About. Mostly, It is about the Geek in me. Hope that Someone Reading It will Find it at the Least Helpful, If Not as Much to Deliver a Kick!
[Above Post was Written at the Start of this Blog > 29th August, 2008 - Written from my Rental Apartment at Washington Building, Deals Gateway, Deptford, London SE13 7SE, United Kingdom - Was in London, UK for ~1 Year under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) Visa]

[Update : On 03rd September, 2020 from my Own Apartment at C2-2010, VBHC Palm Haven 2, Doddabele, Kengeri Hobli, Bengaluru 560060, Karnataka, India - Take a Note of of All the Blog Recognitions / Engineering Recognitions that I Have Received From August 2008 - August 2020]

Java Code Geek Program (JCG)
DZone Most Valuable Blogger (MVB)
DZone Core (Promoted)
Member, Computer Society of India*
Senior Member, IEEE (Elevated)
Senior Member, ACM (Elevated)

For the First 3, The Main Criteria was my Blog and for the Last 2, One of the Important Input was my Leadership as a Technical Blogger.

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