Monday, July 7, 2014

EJB v3 Buy-In

Studying for my SCBCD 5 certification, I noticed these differences between the EJB v3 specification and Spring v2 framework. Thought i should share these. I will add the performance results as well, once i have something substantial.

In Favour of EJB v3,
Easier Implementation for Web Services
Time Tested & Robust Method for Remote Access
Better Instance Pooling Mechanisms
Stateful Session Beans
Annotations Make It Easier
JEE Standard / Sun Support / Industry Affiliation
Wide App Server Feature Support

In Favour of Spring v2, 
JDBCTemplate and JMSTemplate
DI Even for POJO (Outside Container)
AOP Is Feature-Rich (But Complex)

And No... I Do Not Sell for Sun.

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