Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spring - DWR - Ext JS Chat Application

[GitHub Repository for Code Samples]

I was curious to explore the capabilities of Reverse Ajax. That's when I created this simple chat application using Spring/DWR/Ext JS.

From my experience, I can easily say that DWR is easy to learn and configure, especially when you are planning to integrate with Spring on the application tier. DWR has a powerful API to perform all relevant operations, right from accessing page script sessions to util classes for sending updates to the client.

I used Ext JS for creating the user interface, which renders stunning display for elements like forms, buttons, etc. Ext JS has a very steep learning curve and each operation requires a lot of configuration and reference. Also, I found that the event handling mechanism, though complete, is very complex to use. I relied on external Javascript coding for handling events. On the upside, the documentation and support is really good for this framework. Inspite, I would instantly recommend use of Ext JS for large sized customer facing web-based applications, especially for the internet. For medium scale projects or enterprise based projects, I would think twice.

Login Screen

Chat Screen

Simply, drop the .war file in your web/app server. All dependencies are available in the archive itself. The only external reference is 'servlet-api.jar', which is part of the default lib in all latest containers. The source is packaged separately. Once deployed, the url to access should be: http://[server_name]:[server_port]/kabootar/login.kabootar
If you are trying to figure out what 'Kabootar' means, it's Hindi for 'Pigeon'... 

[GitHub Repository for Code Samples]


Varghees Samraj said...

Looks good. I am also trying to develop one same like this. any chance of sharing the code with me?

George Leon said...
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George Leon said...

links are in the post I have downloaded the source and war thanks for sharing

Atul said...

Your "Source" link is not working.
Could you please do something for it.

Unknown said...

The "Source" link is not working for me too .
Could you please do something for it or send to my email please
Thank you,

Unknown said...

i don't know if you are still reading this post. but i will try. please email me the link, i have no idea on how to create chat. if you have tutorial, codes, or anything that could help. please email me. af2003345@yahoo.com. it would be great help.

Sumith Puri said...

Sorry to all. The link was down until today. You may mail across queries to code@sumithpuri.me