Thursday, February 6, 2020

Elevated to the Elite Developers/Contributors List! ;-)

All Blog Followers, Random Visitors, Developers, Contributors => Take Note.

My Blog / I Got [Promoted / Elevated] to DZone Core! The Elite Developers/Contributors List on Planet Earth!  Spent Decent Enough Time - About ~17+ Years Now => Championing, Evangelizing, Learning, Teaching, Applying, Prototyping, Building, [Doing], Glorifying Core Java and Jakarta EE ;-)  Primarily I am a Backend (Presentation, Business/Service, Web Services/Integration, Persistence, Database) Developer or Architect. [Feb 2020] Right Now, I am Employed as a Senior Product Development Manager at Ultria Software Private Limited, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

By the Way, I hold 7 Certifications* in Core Java/Java EE, 3 in C/CPP/Data Structures => Also, I am a Java Code Geek; Senior Member, ACM; Senior Member, IEEE;

Thanks, DZone [Blake Ethridge].


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