Thursday, January 12, 2023

My GitHub Repo #13 : Singapore

Code Samples for the Blog Article [New Features of Java SE 9 - Part 01]
MIT License, Copyright (c) 2018-19, Sumith Kumar Puri

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+91 9591497974 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)


 Started this Movement of 1000s of Lines of Java / J2EE* Code to GitHub

 Was a Senior Software Architect (Java/J2EE) in Manila*, 2018 (At Start) 

 Named this Initial Code Journey as [ Manila Code Marathon - 2018 ]

 Code Is Non-Proprietary and Non-Copyright from my Work Experience.

 Was Back to Bangalore, Named as [ Bangalore Code Nights - 2019. ]

 Added More Code under [ -20 Days of Code in Benglauru- ] in 2020

 Celebration of Java/Java EE Code as Java Turned 25 in the Year ~ 2020!


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